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Josh & Erica Rattet

Carole was our realtor when we relocated from Massachusetts. She was recommended to us by an acquaintance that spoke very highly about her. Carole far exceeded all of the wonderful things we heard about her! She was ALWAYS there for us answering all of our questions whether it had to do with a particular property or questions about the area. She has a wealth of knowledge about her industry and Baltimore. She provided us with EXCEPTIONAL service and treated us as if we were her children! She is the most honest, hard working realtor we have ever worked with! If Carole was not available we were taken care of just as wonderfully by her partner Linda. Carol kept us level headed and helped us make the right decisions and did not let us settle. She is caring and passionate about her work and her clients. She will not let you settle and let you convince yourself that you like something if she knows it really isn’t what you are seeking. We would highly recommend using Carol! We can assure you that her work ethic, knowledge and heart are unmatched with associates in her industry! To do this day, we are still friendly with Carole and don’t know what we would have done without her!